Our Values

We would like to share our values with you! We hope they resonate with you, as they do with us. 

Community: We are members of your community, we are your neighbors, we support local businesses, charities, and events.  

Health:  We treat people, not teeth. We are here to make sure you are the healthiest you that you can be. We want to give you the tools to reduce your need for future dental treatments.  

Learning: We expand and refine our professional, clinical, and technological skills by participating in the best ongoing education available. we take over 100 hours of continuing education each year to learn about the latest advances in our fields so that we can be sure our patients are getting the best treatment possible.  

 Educating: Health is a team effort. We commit to educating our patients about their health and their recommended treatments.  Dr. Yasmin Chebbi also believes in empowering the next generation of dentists and teaches dental students at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. 

Wonder: We approach life with wonder. The human body is a wonderful miracle! We value a healthy body and enjoying a good life.  

Sustainability: We are committed to reducing our carbon foot print and conserving the planet for future generations. We walk to work and take the train. We recycle, compost, and reduce waste.  

Trust: You have entrusted us with your health and we take that responsibility very seriously. We are committed to keeping your trust through professionalism and quality care.    

Calm: We provide care in a calm fashion. No rush, no bustle. We provide tea, aromatherapy, blankets, and headphones. 

Life changing: We want to help  you breathe better, sleep better, relieve your pain, reduce your inflammation, and improve your confidence with a winning smile.  

United team: We work as a team with common visions and goals. We implement what we learn so our patients receive the best care.  

Quality care: We commit to providing quality care for you and your family using the latest advances in the field.  

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