Here at Dr. Yasmin’s Smile Studio, we are big fans of brushing and flossing! But brushing too hard can cause serious damage to our teeth by wearing away our enamel and causing sensitivity.

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You may be brushing too hard if:

-The bristles on your toothbrush look splayed out.

-You are feeling generalized sensitivity on your teeth

-You notice areas of recession or “dents” at the ends of your teeth.

Tips: use an electric toothbrush that monitors the pressure you use on your teeth. (Check out my post and promo on my favorite toothbrush, BURST). If you are a strong brusher, try using your non-dominant hand to brush. Replace your toothbrush head about every three months; worn out bristles are not as effective and can be too abrasive on teeth.

Remember! Teeth are a dynamic and live part of your body! We aren’t scrubbing grout from a bathtub. Be thorough, but gentle.

To your health,

Dr. Yasmin