Meet Dr. Yasmin Chebbi

I graduated from Harvard School of Dental Medicine where I learned the value of total body care and caring for patients as an oral physician. I started this clinic in order to adopt a holistic approach to a patient’s full health as it related to oral health. I am constantly learning- taking classes, reading books, in order to improve my skills and provide the best for my patients. 

Ten facts about me:

1. I grew up in Miami, Florida

2.  I speak English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. 

3. As a global citizen, I love traveling… especially to warm places!

4. My favorite exercise to end the week is hot yoga.

5. I was born in a small country in North Africa called Tunisia, on a clear day, you can see Italy across the Mediterranean!

6. I am a lifelong student, I take over 200 hours of continuing education each year! 

7.  I make my own soaps, candles, and kombucha at home.  

8. I enjoy giving back to the community- I do mission trips, community seminars, and free dental care days!

9. I haven’t had a cavity in over 20 years, ask me how I do it!

10.  My mantra before starting the day is: “When doing something, do it with love, or never do it at all.”

Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know ten facts about you!

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