BURST Toothbrush:

BURST toothbrush is better than any toothbrush I have seen. It’s charcoal bristles reduce bacterial load. It’s pulsing timer helps you brush for a full two minutes. It has three brushing modes with 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, giving you a feel of a professional clean! It also as a battery life of four weeks, so don’t worry about taking your charger when you travel!

The BURST brush is usually $69.99 but with our special office PROMO code: KABBNR you can purchase the brush for only $39.99+ Free Shipping! Get one here!


MI Paste:

MI paste uses RECALDENT, a special milk-derived protein that releases bio-available calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces. This combination of not only prevents cavities, but also helps repair weakened tooth structure (something Fluoride does not do). It has 5 great flavors and is safe for use on children and pregnant women. It’s a game-changer for cavities! MI Paste is also my go-to for white spot lesions on the teeth.

Not recommended for those who have a true milk allergy (not lactose intolerant). Stop by and pick up a tube today!

Tooth and gums tonic:

I have done a lot of research on mouth rinses because I do not recommend anti-bacterial mouthwashes. Anti-bacterial rinses kill bad AND good bacteria. We need good bugs for a health oral microbiome! Not to mention, the alcohol in traditional rinses causes dry mouth which makes teeth susceptible to cavities. Tooth and gums tonic is made of natural ingredients that target harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, and improve the health of gums! It also leaves a very fresh taste that lasts a long time. We offer this to every patient before their hygiene visit to reduce plaque-causing bacteria. Come visit us to try it for yourself!


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