Invisalign, Clear Correct, 6 Months Smiles. You may have heard of these clear aligner products that help improve your smile. But did you know that straightening your teeth goes beyond looks and affects your health too?

  • Straight teeth are a LOT easier to clean. Crooked teeth trap food and bacteria. This not only makes it harder for you to clean but also for the dental hygienist to clean. The build up of plaque and bacteria can lead to cavities, bone loss, and gum disease.
  • Have a lisp or whistle? That could be caused by how your teeth line up. Aligning your teeth in the correct position will help you speak and pronounce words better.
  • If top and bottom teeth are not aligned appropriately, if can cause un-due stress on your teeth and jaws. If you suffer from sensitive teeth or jaw pain and headaches, aligners can help by orienting your top and bottom teeth in a way that fits them together best.
  • Beyond aesthetics, a straight smile can help boost your confidence! If you have been holding back because you are shy about your smile, aligners can be a great way to help you.
  • Bonus of aligners include being able to use them as whitening trays too (more on whitening in a future post)!

On another note, I do NOT recommend do-it-yourself braces such as Smile Direct Club and Candid. Any irreversible dental procedure such as straightening should be done under the close supervision of a qualified dentist!