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Dr. Yasmin Chebbi was so wonderful and I can honestly say she’s the nicest dentist I’ve ever seen. I have never been a fan of the dentist, it causes me such anxiety that I can feel my own heartbeat I become dizzy and have shortness of breath. Dr. Chebbi and her assistants were all so patient with me. In the past I’ve seen dentists that would become impatient &/or frustrated with me due to my anxiousness. Dr. Chebbi excellent she listened to and answered all my questions in a comforting way that eased my anxiety, she was empathetic and compassionate. 😁 Dr. Chebbi  is absolutely fabulous!

Jodie M.

Met with warm and welcoming staff. I was impressed by how Dr. Yasmin approached my case. She included not only my dental history but as well as medical, even provided me with suggestions and advice about mouth breathing and snoring. She never made me feel rushed and would listen to my concerns and address them in a comprehensive manner as well as explaining various treatment options. Was even given a complemtnary warm towel at the end. Overall a great experienced at the dentist of wihch I had only a few. I would highyl recommned her.

Omar A.

Brought my dad here who is terrified of Dentists and absolutely avoids going whenever possible. He had an amazingly awesome Dentist who was patient, kind and compassionate towards him and changed his views. Now he looks forward to coming and getting better from his dental problems. Way to Go!! 

Natasha V

Dr. Chebbi is an excellent dentist. She was thorough and thoughtful and addressed all of my concerns. Highly recommend!

Arene B.

Simply put, I would recommend you and your team to anyone that needs work on their teeth! Your no- nonsense get the job done, with honesty and pragmatism is what endears me to your practice! Keep up the great work. Matt F.

 My experience with Dr. Chebbi was heaven sent. For a number of years I suffered from panic attacks, especially when confined to small spaces or from feeling trapped, like in a dentist chair. This condition prevented me from having regular dental appointments. After 6 years of putting off going to the dentist, I found Dr. Chebbi in a holistic magazine advertisement. She is amazing, kind, gentle, and thorough. I sat in her chair without one second of despair. I am actually looking forward to my next appointment in 6 months! This experience has been a game changer for me. Thank you so much, Dr. Chebbi!   

Janice R.

Lets face it, nobody likes to go to the Dentist.However I feel lucky to have found a great Dentist right here in my home town.The staff are friendly and the service I find is pain free.Dr. Chebbi is awesome and on the ball when it comes to fixing my teeth.I feel fine when I have an appointment,not stressing like I used to for my other Dental appointments. ROCKS in my book!

Dean Z.

My first visit to Dr. Yasmin Chebbi was Calming and Peaceful. She listened patiently to my needs. My anxiety melted away. My preferences were respected. I had a thorough cleaning including gum massage. Even a warm towel at the end! I highly recommned her dental practice. I left the visit realxed and grateful. 

Niyah A.

I’m a brand new patient but I am already highly impressed with the level of service and professionalism. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Even though I’ve once been there once I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Raymond M.

I think Dr Yasmin Chebbi is one of the kindest, smartest dentists I’ve ever been to – recommend her without reservation! Courtney C.

Dr. Yasmin is amazing. Careful, gentle, and friednly. Explained everything I asked regarding waht she was doing and gave me options about what i wanted in terms of treatment. Hihgly, highyl, recommend. 

Nasir A.

Dr I was very impressed with Dr. Chebbi’s manner and practice of dentistry. I immediately felt at ease during my first visit, much unlike most other dentist I have been to in the past. Dr. Chebbi was kind, thorough, and professional throughout the appointment. She always conducts a comprehensive exam and assessment, taking into account my overall health, medical history, and lifestyle choices. She patiently explains all the different treatment options and answers all of my questions clearly. She is outstanding and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking dental care!

Khalil R.

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